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We provide solutions for the security of your cars and homes.

Learn more about our services by reading the FAQs below. The following answers will be very helpful to those dealing with lock issues and looking for clear solutions. They are simply put and straight forward!

When do I replace the old keys of my car?

If you have purchased an old car, it is advisable to have a new key made as there is always a risk of snapping the ignition keys. This holds true also if the keys are NOT in good physical condition (if they have cracks or alterations). A spare key could help but otherwise, Locksmith Diamond Bar can help you with replacement of your keys and repair of your locks.

How much do locksmith services usually cost?

Locksmith services vary from state to state. However, the prices in different locksmith services are usually determined by locksmith services depending on the severity of the issue and the needed technical skill to fix the problem. A good way to start having an idea of what to expect on a price point is ask the company before they roll-out their personnel to your house. Our experts can take your calls regarding prices and rates at any time.

What should I do with a nearly broken key?

Many of us tend to keep using our keys, even when they're nearly broken or damaged. This is not a good idea. A nearly broken key can be completely broken once entered in the hole and cause a bigger problem if stuck inside the lock. Our experts recommend replacing it with a new one.

There seems to be something jammed in the lock. What do I do?

Foreign objects being jammed into a lock’s cylinder often results in the lock itself being replaced, but don’t lose hope just yet. Technicians over at Locksmith Diamond Bar recommend trying to remove that foreign object first, using lubricant to help slide its way out. Complete replacement is only a last resort.

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