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Keys are not Toys

01/01/2014 Back To Blog

The mission of keys may have not changed over the years, but their appearance has changed a lot. They are not so serious and huge anymore, but cute little things in different colors, shapes and designs. Though, they are not toys. You can't use the pink, blue and purple keys of your house to play domino not because you are not ten anymore, but because you will ruin them and along you will cancel the effectiveness of your security door locks. For the same reason, you must not trust them with your kids because they won't understand the difference between another toy and these colorful objects.

In fact, keys must be kept in the most prominent place of the house, treated like queens and let them order you like kings. Key repair may certainly take care of a small problem, but remember that these little objects keep your family well-protected and you shouldn't risk that over a game or pure indifference.

What to avoid

  • You must not leave them exposed to anyone, who enters your house, but hide them in a convenient but secret place.
  • Don't place them on tables and chairs, where they can be reached by your children or pets. Cats would love their noise and colors, dogs will bury them in the yard and children will hide them so well, you won't find them till you move out.
  • You must avoid leaving them on the table of a restaurant or pub or have them in the pocket of your jacket. Lost house keys will definitely compromise your safety and put you in a lot of trouble.
  • When you park your car in a private parking, where you are asked to give in your ignition car key, remember to keep on you the remote control of the garage and the keys of your office and house.
  • When you are holding them in your hands turning them around your fingers, there is a good chance that they will end up in the drain or in a hard corner of the street.
  • Key replacement is necessary, but not because you damaged them yourself or tested their strength over a candle.
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